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When inspiration vacates, try these writer tips

27 February 2019

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Even for the most experienced writers, it’s natural to have periods when there’s a lack of inspiration. But never fear, there are a variety of exercises you can try to get your creative juices flowing once more.

Sometimes you just need a self-imposed daily structure, or period of exploring other stimuli to get your writing back on track.

So, when inspiration vacates, try these five writer tips:

1. Aim to reduce stress

Experts say that feeling stressed or worrying about having a lack of inspiration can often form a significant part of the problem.

To help with feelings of stress or panic over your writing, you should try to set yourself realistic deadlines to ensure you don’t take on too much.

If you have a big project with a deadline you can’t avoid, give yourself enough time during the planning process to complete it.

During these times of unproductive anxiety, try mindfulness exercises and other relaxation techniques to help you de-stress and forget any personal problems that could also be affecting your writing inspiration.

2. Create a routine

Even if it’s temporary, a routine will allow you to have bouts of creativity within confined times of the day. Having a set time when you should be thinking about writing reduces procrastination because it introduces structure.

Within your routine, you should incorporate regular, productive breaks from the desk. If you panic about being away from the desk in case something inspirational comes to mind, keep a notebook on hand to jot anything down. But really, this break should be about forgetting your writing for a while to focus on something different.

3. Keep writing

Experts say that you can break through a ‘lack of inspiration’ by just simply writing as and when you feel like it.

Lists, mind maps and plans are also a great way to organise any lingering ideas, helping you create a structure for something on which you were lacking inspiration.

4. Reading

It might seem counter-productive, but when inspiration vacates, try reading something that interests you.

In the midst of a writing project, we may forget what influenced our own interests in writing or take for granted that all of our favourite writers also had to start somewhere and may have also experienced similar bouts of writer's block.

It could be either related or unrelated to what you are working on; it just ned to interest you. Whether it’s the topic, tone or writing style, it could be the inspiration you’re looking for.

5. Music

Likewise, another great creative channel is music, and many people say that having music on in the background while they’re writing helps with imagination and creativity.

Creating that perfect atmosphere is crucial to both your motivation and inspiration, so immerse yourself in some of your favourite music whenever the going gets tough.

Whether it’s something classical to get you in a more relaxed or focused state of mind, or something completely unfamiliar to you - music might just boost your creativity.

Wrapping up

We all have days or maybe weeks where our inspiration for writing seems non-existent but with the correct mindset you can try these writer tips to kick-start your creativity.

With the above tips, you can expect to see your lack of motivation dwindle and feel a burst of inspiration for your writing.

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