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Why the best Christmas present is getting your book published

9 November 2019

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There are a million reasons why self-publishing is the most practical option to get your work out there, but sometimes, we all find excuses to avoid the things we set out to do.

At Christmas, though, there’s a number of reasons why sending that book off to the printers is not only a great gift idea for yourself but a perfect time of year to publish your work.

Below are just 4 reasons why the best Christmas present this year - whether it’s to yourself or for your loved ones - is getting your book published.

1. It’s a special and unique gift

In today’s society, we feel more and more pressured to buy the perfect Christmas gift every year. For an author, surely there’s no gift more special than getting your book published courtesy of a loved one this Christmas?

If a family member asks what you want for Christmas this year, choose something that will really mean something to you forever, and ask them to fund your pursuit of self-publishing.

2. A gift that everyone could contribute to

Getting your book published by yourself might prove financially tricky when you have household bills to pay. With other priorities, work commitments and your family to think about, it may seem selfish to set aside even the smallest budget for self-publishing.

At Christmas, though, asking the family to all contribute to your book being published would be the best way for your loved ones to treat you to a worthwhile, bespoke gift that you can cherish and appreciate for the rest of your life.

3. It’s the best time to treat yourself

… and if money isn’t an issue, or you’ve been saving to self-publish for a little while - then there’s no better time to treat yourself this Christmas!

If you’re ready to publish now, then don’t waste any more time. Get that book sent to the printers in time for Christmas Day! You can then show your amazing work to family and friends when they’re gathered around the Christmas tree.

4. It’s a popular time to publish your book

People love splashing the cash on their loved ones every Christmas. With entertainment gifts like books being among the most popular presents people give each year, surely it’s the perfect time of year to publish your book?

Statistics show that between early November and mid-January, 41% of online and in-store book sales are made, so it’s no coincidence when we see an endless stream of celebrities releasing their books around Christmas time.

If you time it right, the festive season is the best time to self-publish your own book, as more people will be on the hunt for the perfect gift. The best Christmas present is to allow yourself the opportunity to get your work on the digital shelves and, hopefully, sell a few copies of your hard work.

Wrapping up

Christmas is a season for spending time surrounded by loved ones, making memories and exchanging gifts. For any author, the best Christmas present by far is to get your own book published.

Take a look at your range of self-publishing packages and choose the right one for you this Christmas!

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