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Why you need to request a metadata sheet

14 June 2022

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Whether self-publishing your book or going down the more traditional route to get your title to market, there’s so much more to think about than simply getting your manuscript on point. To ensure a successful journey from would-be author to self-published writer, the production phase is a vital part of the process.

As your chosen publisher, our team works hard to ensure your manuscript is given the attention it deserves, and the resulting book is published and marketed just as it should be. Our metadata sheet gives us the means to collect all the finer details that’ll help your self-published book stand out from the crowd.

Here we delve deeper into the metadata sheet, and why completing this all-important document may just help you take your self-published title to a whole other level.


What is a metadata sheet?

A metadata sheet is a vital document that should be requested during the production phase. It gives you the means to provide all the data that is important to your book so we can use the information supplied to better optimise your book for success.


Why is requesting a metadata sheet important?

A metadata sheet provides the information we need to get the publishing and marketing of your self-published title just right. A completed metadata sheet can make all the difference to your author journey, and could even enhance the visibility and accessibility of your book.

With improved visibility and accessibility, you’ll be better placed to market your book successfully to your target audience and increase your chances of achieving higher sales.


What information is collected via a metadata sheet?

We collate several details via our metadata sheets, including details about the book, its author, its target market, and its accreditations.

Using a metadata sheet, you’ll provide a short and full description of your book, descriptions that can be used to craft content for public display, marketing, discovery and sales. We’ll also ask you for information about you (the author), including your biography and previous work if applicable.

The themes (regional and Thema), tone, writing style, genre, and character types and roles will be explored in greater detail using the metadata sheet so our team can gain a thorough understanding of your work. You can also provide review quotes – outlining praise from people and/or publications - to be used alongside your book. 


Ready to request a metadata sheet?

Requesting a metadata sheet is easy. Simply contact a member of our team during the production process to get the ball rolling!



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