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Why you should self publish

23 August 2022

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The self-publishing world has come a long way. Now the go-to for many would-be and established authors, self-publishing unlocks many benefits, especially when compared with traditional publishing. But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few more reasons why you should self-publish.


Skip the bureaucracy

When going down the traditional publishing route, you’ll have countless hoops to jump through to get your book seen by exactly the right people. Landing a deal with a publishing house isn’t easy, and you may even be rewarded for those hours of chasing with outright rejection.

If you’re lucky enough to secure the publishing contract you want, the process from book draft to seeing your book on the shelves is just as long-winded. Self-publishing on the other hand provides a direct route to market and a journey that you have full control over. It’s more efficient and hassle-free as a result, which means you can spend more time working on the book you love and getting it out there to the people who matter – your target audience.


Enjoy complete control

Speaking of control, you’ll have a lot of it when self-publishing. This means you have the freedom to make all the decisions that will affect your book draft, the finished product, and how it’s marketed and distributed.

The same can’t be said when working with traditional publishing houses where every element of the editing, publishing, marketing and distribution processes will be carefully controlled by a team of people.


Be as creative as you like

It’s likely that the publishing house you work with will want to make lots of changes and more often than not, you’ll have to accept these to keep your deal. Self-publishing ensures no such compromises, meaning the book that’s published will be all yours. With full control comes complete creative freedom.


Hang onto more of your profits

A 10% share of royalties is what most publishing houses offer to their authors, but when self-publishing, you can enjoy a higher royalty rate. You may even want to put the money you earn aside to fund your next project.


Get your book and your name out there

It’s not just the direction and content of your book that you’ll have free rein over, how you market your book and yourself as an author is also in your hands. You get to carve out your route to success and boost your profile your way.

You don’t have to go it alone however. Here at New Generation Publishing, we supply a long list of marketing services (including online, retail and media assistance) to ensure your book is seen, heard and read.


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