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Why Choose Self-Publishing?

  • It's hard to get a traditional publisher to take a risk with your work.

  • Traditional publishing is a commercial enterprise. They look for books and established authors to make them money, so it's harder to get your work out there & a long struggle to find a literary agent or publisher that likes your work.

  • You retain the rights and intellectual property of your work and don't have to settle for a percentage royalty.

  • You have full control over type setting, design, artwork and illustrations.

  • You have access to a whole team of people who have experience in publishing, marketing, public relations and distribution for help and advice.

  • You can competitively price your book inline with competitors.

  • It's a great experience where you can feel part of the process all the way.


I only want to publish an e-book, what do I need?

First and foremost, you'll need a book editor. One of the real downfalls of self-publishing is that you're in control of your own budget, and will always be looking at ways to save on the cost of getting your work out there. The problem with cutting back on costs, means that you often cut back on quality. If you pick up a self-published book, you can usually tell when someone's not gone to the trouble of employing an editor, it's long, drawn out and often there's a lot of waffle.

Secondly, you'll need to consider which marketplace is best for your work. Using Amazon's KDP Select service is an opportunity to have your book appear on Kindle readers, but be aware you'll be tied in with them for 3 months before you can make it available elsewhere. You'll also still need to market it and create some kind of buzz about your launch. This is where we can help your e-book reach it's potential. There are other options too. Google books is another one, with the added bonus of being able to select samples of your work to be included in their description and search, so potential readers can get an idea of what you're about before they download. Another reason to get a good editor!


I want my book printing in hardback or paperback. Where do I start?

Contact us. We can talk you through the process. It won't cost you anything other than a phone call and we can give you a better idea of the services you'll need. We don't have pushy salesmen or scripted telephone operators, just real people with a passion for books.

You could get a head start by asking yourself the following questions:


  • Who is my book for? (target audience, be specific)

  • How many copies should I start with?

  • How will I market the book myself?

  • If you choose to have NG Publishing market your book, what budget could you set aside for this, and what avenues should we prioritise?

  • Send us your book for proof-reading/editing. We can do that as a one-off, and suggest some options for you once it's completed.

  • Make a spreadsheet. Write in it all your tasks, budget and set yourself some estimated completion dates for editing, contacting people, writing promo scripts, updating your website, outreach to influential social media users..


How much time do I need to set aside?

If you've already written your work, you've done the easy bit! Once you've selected your book publishing package and some book marketing options most of the hard work is done for you. They'll be opportunities created for you to follow up any contact we make with the media, blogs, publications or the like, which we strongly recommend. The more time you put into following up the press releases, interview requests and reviews, the more likely you are to succeed. Many newspapers and radio stations for example may not have much of a spot for just announcing your book, but if you follow up with an offer of an interview and give them an angle (like, "hey i'm local to you and i've published a book about...") then they're more likely to invest time in creating a feature about you. Most e-books can be published in a matter of days or a week depending on how much there is to prep. Printed books will obviously take a little longer.

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