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Our proofreading service

The team at New Generation Publishing have been helping self-published authors release their hard work for countless years. What’s more, we’ve been helping those same authors ensure their novels are of the very highest standard.

We understand that proofreading is something that many authors struggle with. It really is true; when it comes to reviewing your own work, you’re probably the worst person to judge it subjectively.

That’s why our proofreading service is so popular. You can leave it to our experienced, friendly team of literary professionals to give your hard work the once over to ensure it’s grammatically correct and capable of demonstrating how brilliant you are as an author.

How we proofread

The New Generation Publishing proofreading service is undertaken by human beings - not algorithms or outsourced to teams in far-flung locations.

Once you purchase our proofreading service, you’ll be assigned an experienced, professional, understanding proofreader who will examine your manuscript closely and look for errors, spelling mistakes, inconsistencies and grammatical problems. We’ll send the edited manuscript back to you for final approval before the typesetting, cover design and book promotion begins.

It’s time to give your novel the final polish it deserves!

Why invest in proofreading?

Even if you’re largely happy with your novel, it will almost certainly contain errors. This is a fact of life and something you shouldn’t be ashamed of; even the most experienced, successful writers in the world produce manuscripts that need thoroughly proofreading.

Proofreading your own work is an important step during the writing process, but it shouldn’t be the final stage. If you’re a writer, you’ll know the feeling well of no longer being able to see the wood for the trees after you’ve spent countless hours, days, weeks and months writing your novel.

A fresh set of eyes on your manuscript will ensure it is as fantastic as it should be, and there’s nowhere better to have your hard work polished off than at New Generation Publishing.

Uncovering the mistakes you’ll never find

Every writer has done it. Having spent an incredibly long time writing a new novel and getting it published, a second read reveals problems you never knew existed. Worse - some of your readers may even find those errors for you.

The feeling of having missed a spelling mistake or inadvertently committed a grammatical sin is horrible. This is why proofreading is so important; it will find the errors, omissions and clumsy sentences you simply can’t find alone, and give you the chance to banish them before publishing.

When you can no longer see the wood for the trees, contact New Generation Publishing. In fact - contact us even if you think you’ve finished the perfect manuscript, because we can guarantee our talented team will spot something you’ll inevitably have missed.

You’re only human, after all!

Why choose New Generation Publishing?

The team at New Generation Publishing love working with authors who wish to self-publish their books.

Proofreading has long been a service we’ve provided and valued highly, because we see it as the final stage of a novel’s production process and one you simply can’t do without if you want to ensure the book is polished, error-free and ready to fly off the shelves.

Your novel couldn't be in better hands. Get in touch with New Generation Publishing today to find out more about our brilliant proofreading service.

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We'd love to help you with your manuscript. If you need an experienced team to give it the once-over before publishing, find out more about our proofreading service by clicking below.

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