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Self-publishing built for you

As an author, you have three choices. Firstly, you can write just for yourself and your own pleasure (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that), secondly, you can opt for a traditional publisher, and, thirdly, you can head down the self-publishing route.

If you decide to have your work made available to millions of readers across the world, there’s never been a better time to do so, but there’s a reason people are choosing self-publishing over traditional publishing.

In fact, there’s several reasons!

You’ll retain creative control

Choose a big name book publishing house and you’ll be lucky if you retain complete creative control over your work. The likelihood is you’ll be encouraged to accept some assistance with your work or be required to have creative input from the publishing team before it can be published. With self-publishing, the creativity resides where it should - with you!

You’ll have a close relationship with us

Big publishing houses are often faceless, or hidden behind email and telephone communication. With New Generation Publishing, you’ll benefit from working with a team that gets to know you and which takes a genuine interest in your work. We won’t overstep the creative boundaries or get in the way, but you’ll gain a friend who will help you along the publishing journey.


If you decide to publish your book traditionally, the process could take as long as two or three years. And, while you may have the time to wait, that could mean you miss out on a market that’s ready to read your book - now. With self-publishing, the process is much, much quicker and can usually reach its conclusion within a period of months, if not faster.

You’ll make more money

With self-publishing, the profits from your book sales are yours - no one else’s. By instead paying a fee for the assistance from us, you won’t have to let go of the huge royalties you’d typically pay a traditional publishing house. That means you’ll make more money instantly and over time. After all, this is your work and your hard, creative endeavour, so why shouldn’t you keep what’s yours?

No red tape

One of the most satisfying things about self-publishing is the lack of red tape involved. For instance, you might need to revise your book several times without having to sign multiple forms to do so. Similarly, you might want to coincide the launch of the book with an event at which you’re speaking, and by heading down the self-publishing route, there won’t be any red tape to slow down your plans.

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