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We're looking for people who have self-published their work to share their experiences, thoughts and helpful tips to our audience of 5,000 monthly visitors. If you've had some experience in writing and having your work self-published (not necessarily by us), we're giving you the opportunity to write an article and join our ranks to offer others an insight into your journey from concept to publication. Apologies if we don't publish yours - we are currently experiencing high volumes of submissions so have to cherry pick i'm afraid!


What we're looking for (here's some ideas):

  • Your personal story - what made you decide to publish your work?

  • A short excerpt of your unpublished work (500 words) for feedback, tips & critique from others.

  • Your writing process - the times of day you find most productive, the people and experiences that have influenced your characters (for fiction), spreadsheets or forms you've created to ensure accuracy and flow (for instructional/business literature), any planning processes you've adopted.

  • Things you would do (or are doing) differently this/next time.

  • A little about your book, it's style, intended audience and any influences.

  • Writing tips/tricks that you have discovered or created.

  • Useful resources for writers.

  • Photos of you writing, your writing space, locations, relevant events, book launches.

  • Things you've learnt along the way

  • How to market your book successfully

  • Techniques you've discovered to boost productivity

  • Planners, checklists, spreadsheets that have helped you

Ed: (note: these are ideas for topics - you don't have to answer these questions like an interview! - let your creative juices flow!)


What we don't want:

  • Spammy, link-filled posts that just publicise your book or your blog.

  • Plagiarised content (we will know!).

  • Articles that appear elsewhere on the internet (we copy/paste sections of your article into google to ensure this)

  • Reams and reams of paragraphs from a multitude of different works - it's hard to read, looks messy and ultimately it will just be ignored. 


Get involved & help other Indie Authors like you!

We really want to create a buzz about self-publishing, and have been helping writers become published authors for a few years now. We've learnt that everyone's story (forgive the pun) is different so it would be great to share your experiences and discoveries with like-minded people. Who knows, your article might just help the next Charles Dickens make his mark!


Where to get feedback:

We'll be asking people for their opinions, comments and suggestions on our facebook page, so please like our page, bookmark it & join in the conversation! Remember, if you want others to offer you their help, support and critique they're much more likely to help if you've contributed to their work too!


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