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New Generation Publishing was created in 2009 as part of award-winning independent book publisher Legend Press.

New Generation became a company in its own right in 2011, offering an increased support, marketing and promotional team – one that could not just help authors become published but also help them market promote and sell their books.

A dedicated team was employed to see the authors through production so that we did not become another online publisher – we welcome authors through the door to meet us and we in turn travel to meet them.

We also realised that pricing our books in-line with traditional publishers, while competitors price their books so high that their authors have no chance of selling any was fundamental to our authors achieving the success their books deserve.

New Generation Publishing wants you to sell books, we want you to get reviews, we want you to get articles in the media and we want you to have book signings. We even offer a Bookseller Service to help support this.

In a competitive market, marketing and promotion of a book can be a difficult. it is vital to be able to invest in further marketing and promotional tools, and with New Generation Publishing we will always take your call and give advice at no cost to the author.

We make the same comment to all our authors; ‘Pick up the phone and ask for help. if we don’t hear from you then we only presume that everything is going perfectly’.

Our most successful authors are those we hear from the most.

In efforts to support our authors we offer all these services and more:

Bespoke Cover Design                       Professional Trade Editing

Unique Bookseller Service                Paperback & Hardback Publishing

Worldwide Distribution                       Personal Contact with UK Advisor

e-Book Publishing & Distribution      Unique Library e-lending Service

Marketing Services & Support          Competitive Retail Pricing

Bookstore Return Service                 Bespoke Website Design

We offer you all these services under one roof and several of these services are completely unique to us.

We offer you continuous free marketing and promotional advice.

New Generation Publishing works with all authors designing our packages to suit your needs and requirements.


About Us

New Generation Publishing was created in 2009 as part of award-winning independent book publisher Legend Press.....

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