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Book Marketing Services

See below at the list of services available from New Generation Publishing, for further information on our marketing services and self-publishing solutions click for a more detailed outline of our services. If you would like to discuss this package in more detail please call 01234 711956, email or complete the form on the right of the screen. 

Marketing Books Online



Featured Books - £129.00

The New Generation Publishing Featured Book program allows your book along side 5 others to feature as the 'Book of the Month' on the front page of our website.

Your book cover, about the book, ISBN and retail price will appear on our homepage for 1 month. In addition, we will write and distribute a press release about the 6 titles and how they are the New Generation Publishing 'Books of the Month'.

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Library e-lending Service - £199.00

This is new and unique service that New Generation Publishing can offer all authors who currently have an e-Book published by New Generation Publishing. The service supplied is specifically designed to be used by UK libraries. Only sell to libraries, do not sell e-Books to private individuals.

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Bespoke Website Design - £499

New Generation Publishing understands that once your book is published, a website can quickly generate sales and help with marketing and promotion. This is why we have teamed up with our UK web developer to offer website design as a service for our authors.

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Printed Book Marketing


Book Distribution & Printing

All New Generation Publishing Packages contain full distribution meaning that your published book will appear on the pages on these household name retailers. In addition your book will be available to order through high street retailers giving your potential audience all the options they need to purchase your book.

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Bookstore Returnability - £499.00

New Generation Publishing can now offer every author this unique service. Many bookstores across the UK will always ask if your book is returnable, with this service you can say yes! A returnable book means that a bookstore can confidently order you book knowing that if they don't sell out then they can return the book and recoup their money. 

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Bookseller Service - from £499.00

New Generation Publishing is delighted to announce its Book Sales Service – becoming the first self-publishing company to offer direct sales representation for its books. We are working with a representative of nearly 40 years experience in book sales, who will be calling shops – from chains to independents – and other outlets – such as libraries and wholesalers – throughout the UK.

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Agency Package - £699.00

At New Generation Publishing, we like to be first and unique, and so are delighted to launch a package specifically tailored for Agents and their authors.

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Marketing Books to the media


Print Media Service - £149.00

Many local papers are looking to fill column inches with information about local news. You are a new author in the area and can generate interest simply by letting people know you’re there.

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Broadcast Media Service - £199.00

Radio offers a great way of reaching millions of men and women around the country. Local radio can help you reach out to an audience within your local area and can boost your exposure and, hopefully, sales. 

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Writers Forum Co-op Advertising - £179.00

New Generation Publishing can now offer you the author a chance to advertise your book in one of the leading writers and author magazines in the UK. Your book will feature alongside 7 other New Generation Publishing authors, featuring the cover of your book, about the author, ISBN and retail price.

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Press Release Service - £249.00

New Generation Publishing recognises the need for authors to be able to contact the media in a professional manner.

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Pre-marketing Book Services


Proof Reading & Manuscript Editing - from £2.00 per 500 Words

Your manuscript will be proof read by a literary professional. This means it will be read through and corrections made for spelling, punctuation and grammar, and any other typographical errors.

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