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5 brilliant marketing tips for first-time authors

25 April 2019

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When self-publishing, you’re the boss and in control of virtually every element that goes into getting your book out there and in the hands of readers.

You undoubtedly have the best idea for your new book and know that once it’s been properly marketed, you’ll get those sales flooding in.

There’s just one problem - you need some tips on marketing that first book of yours!

Here’s 5 brilliant marketing tips for first-time authors.

1. Create your website

The first port of call for marketing your book is to create a website that tells everyone about your brand as an author.

That might sound odd and a bit business-like, but when you’re an author, your name is your brand. It’s really important to get your brand looking up to scratch and relevant to your audience ( (think font, colour scheme, artwork, etc) so that people within your niche will be attracted to your book. You can do all of this on your website!

Make sure that when your book is published, you have relevant links to purchasing the book (via Amazon, for instance), or even set up an e-commerce facility on your website to buy direct.

2. Utilise social media

In the digital age, social media is king of marketing. If you put the work in (and we admit at times it can seem like you spend your entire life social media marketing!), it will pay off.

Follow people in your niche and connect with them, start conversations and respond to every comment you receive.

When you’ve built up a following, you could even host a book giveaway competition to get people retweeting and sharing your book, with the winner receiving a shiny copy of your book to share with their friends, too!

3. Connect with other up-and-coming authors

Another great way to market yourself when you’re a first-time author is to connect with other new authors within your niche.

While you may think that these authors are your competition, there are plenty of ways you can help each other out. By promoting each other’s work to your respective followers, it makes your social media accounts look extra busy, too!

4. Get other influencers talking about your work

A top tip for marketing is to get in touch with established social media influencers around your niche.

Send a copy of your book to book bloggers and podcast hosts, because, well - who knows what might transpire? You have nothing to lose! They may invite you on as a guest to interview or write on their blog.

5. Run an eBook promo

eBooks are great for first-time authors, but people may not take the plunge and download something unfamiliar without seeing good reviews first. The best way to get those reviews rolling in and your readership increasing is to run an eBook promo.

By selling your eBook for a discounted price (or even free to begin with), more people will be tempted to give it a try, and if they like it, recommend it to friends and talk about the novel on social media.

Wrapping up

Another top tip: don’t just talk about your book, talk around it, develop your personality and your brand through your interviews, social media and blog posts.

Marketing for first-time authors can feel daunting; you’re yet to establish a readership and fan base, and the book market is incredibly crowded. We hope these five tips have given you the impetus needed to get out there and start marketing your hard work.

Good luck!

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