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The benefits of our Best Seller self-publishing package

17 May 2019

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Our Best Seller self-publishing package is part of the platinum self-publishing range we offer at New Generation Publishing.

As an all-inclusive book publishing package, we offer over fifteen products in the Best Seller package, all of which will help you with the layout, design and marketing of your self-published title.

Here’s some of the benefits of taking out our Best Seller self-publishing package.

1. Proofreading

If you opt for a Best Seller self-publishing package, one of the experts on our team will proofread your manuscript before sending it to the printers.

By choosing the Best Seller publishing package, we understand the high level of commitment and effort you have put into your writing, and we want to help you make sure it reaches your readers at its absolute best and highest standard.

2. Bespoke cover design

We all know that many people do, in fact, first judge a book by its cover. Therefore, we feel it’s important to include a bespoke cover design in our Best Seller self-publishing package. We feel this will maximise the appeal of your book whether displayed online or sat on a bookshelf.

Our bespoke covers are designed by an in-house graphics team who specialise in understanding the importance of cover designs. They can formulate the perfect design that suits your genre so you can focus on the most important aspect of your novel - writing it!

3. ISBN registration and global distribution

With all of our self-publishing packages, we offer ISBN registration and global distribution, but the Best Seller package has additional options that can boost the reach and sale of your book.

Alongside an eBook format available for online distribution, we also include paperback and hardback options available for purchase with our Best Seller self-publishing package.

4. Typography layout

Graphic design and spacing on words and letters are key to the readability of your novel. This is why typography layout is also included in the Best Seller self-publishing package.

This means that you have less to worry about when it comes to the formatting of the best typeface for your novel, and you can be rest assured that your book will be sent to the printers looking professional.

5. Great marketing tools

By choosing our Best Seller self-publishing package, you have the peace of mind that we are dedicated to helping you understand the importance of marketing what you’ve written and help you every step of the way.

A marketing kit is included in the package, giving you all the tips and tricks needed to get started. We also take the time to feature your book in our catalogue as a featured book!

Wrapping up

With our Best Seller self-publishing package, we aim to provide you with all the products and tools to launch your best-selling book to the world.

If you would like to know more about any of the products featured in the Best Seller self-publishing package, do not hesitate to contact us on 01234 711956 or email or click here to complete the enquiry form.

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