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5 Jewellery gift sites that book lovers will adore!

22 January 2016

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Scouring the internet for gifts for one of our friends, we came across a vast array of jewellery pieces inspired by books and perfect for literature lovers!

1. Etsy

Our first stop was Etsy. A craft site where small time arts and crafts people sell their wares. A quick search on Etsy reveals that we're not the only ones with an interest in written word, as their organised list of 'Literary Jewellery for Book Lovers' showed a promising selection! They're all hand made and usually in small, limited quantities so you'd be hard pressed to see anyone else wearing them.

We particularly loved the book junkie earrings!

resizedimage600288 Screen Shot 2016 01 22 at 13.50.29

You can search for yourself at

2. The Literary Gift Company

Some much more unique ideas here, not limited to just book-shaped items or basic shapes. Their typwriter earrings and jewellery actually made from book pages themselves was most impressive!

resizedimage600357 Screen Shot 2016 01 22 at 13.56.42

3. The Literary Emporium

Our third find had some great ideas for presentation, and while some items were not necessarily book-related, the small parchment with scripture that accompanied the cufflinks was a great touch. We know some people that would defnitely be impressed by such thought. The Shakespeare ones were our faves!

resizedimage600359 Screen Shot 2016 01 22 at 13.58.42

4. ThinkGeek

Now, we had to go digging a little for this one, but if any of your book-lovers favourite books made it to film, then this place is a surefire winner for inspirational jewellery. From Star Wars to Star Trek, a tonne of superhero items, gamer jewellery and Harry Potter stuff to The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings earrings..

resizedimage600346 thinkgeek

5. Out Of Print Clothing

Ok, not specifically a jewellery store either, but nevertheless they have a great little selection of book-related jewels!
We spotted a Moby Dick necklace on another site and followed the link back to their site which revealed a few other little gems!

resizedimage600407 outofpring

Notably, their Down the rabbit hole necklace jumped out as us!


So there you are, some great ideas for the book lover, writer, author or self-publisher among you, and hopefully a little inspiration and insight into the objects that have become so famously connected with their stories.

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