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Author Mary Cavanagh offers writers some helpful advice

20 January 2016

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Author Mary Cavanagh is a member of the Oxford Writing Group and has been writing novels based around her experiences and changes in her life, observing humans in their natural environment and using her 'earwigging' and voyeurism as inspiration for many publications including her own short stories. The Sixpenny Debt and I Love You, Mr Chicken won the BBC Radio Oxford writing competition in 2006 and Word Games won the Oxford Times/OUDCE fiction prize of 2001. 

Starting her writing career at 35, Mary has come to realise the struggles, strains and perils of being a busy writer and all that comes with trying to fit it into your daily routine amidst the chores and challenges of everyday life. Her latest book Calling All Authors has taken her best part of a year to write, but she's extremely proud of what could be an asset to any writer's toolbox.

If you're a writer, established author or ebooker and you're still fighting your way through the minefield to get your work printed, then this could be a worthwhile purchase.

"The aim is that Calling All Authors will be chock full of seriously useful information that will help you to understand manuscript presentation, the book industry, and how to make sales. Your job is to work hard to create a reputation for your book, and hope that it will be ‘the one’ to go that extra mile."

In a recent article Mary posted for Jaffa Reads Too blog, Mary talks about the inspiration and purpose of her book.

"Being an author today, even with huge talent, is a terrible struggle, and even though I’ve have a modicum of success with three novels, I’ve also come up against huge disappointments and let-downs. Therefore, my aim with Calling All Authors is to produce a seriously useful guide to professional manuscript production, understanding the jungle of the book industry and selling that book!"

We're excited to have published Mary's book, and that she chose the self publish route. Agreed, there can be a multitude of options available to every writer, and making the choice best for you is the key to it's success. You get out as much as you put in, but we're there at every step to help you should you choose the self-publish route. It's a fantastic book, and we wish you all the success you deserve!

Read the full blog post here:

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