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Toni Jenkins review on Portobello Book Blog

12 January 2016

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We love it when our hard-working writers get aknowledged, and there's no better feeling when you receive a great review like Toni Jenkins did this week.

Her book, The sender is a story about four women who receive a postcard with an extraordinary quality. Following instructions to each look after the card for six months before sending it on, their lives all take extraordinary paths. But who's the sender and what is their motive? Any why were they chosen?

Joanne at Portobello Book Blog writes:

"I thought this was a very original story, very well told. I enjoyed reading about all four of the women and along with them, looked forward to them all meeting each other and finding out who the sender was. Toni Jenkins has portrayed each situation movingly and convincingly and I loved that each woman was in a better place after their six months than when we first met them. It made me think about the ripple effect – you don’t know what effect your words and actions have not just directly but also indirectly on people you may never meet. I came across this quote from Dean Koontz when thinking about the way each kindness spread in this story and I think it sums up what Toni Jenkins is saying in her book."

Toni also managed to get a noteable mention on twitter this week from @WomensWriters:


We're so glad to see you doing well Toni!

If you'd like to buy the book for yourself, it's available on Amazon here

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