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5 reasons self-publishing is perfect for first-time authors

15 March 2019

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Self-publishing is increasingly becoming the most popular way for authors of all budgets and aspirations to get their work out into the world. For first-time authors, especially, there’s lots of reasons why self-publishing is the best way to go.

Here’s 5 reasons self-publishing is perfect for first-time authors.

1. Budget-friendly

Perhaps the top reason that self-publishing is perfect for first-time authors is the budget-friendly approach it offers to getting work out there. At New Generation Publishing, our packages start at £399 and offer you everything you need at an affordable price.

With all packages, you get help with all you need to get started, such as file conversion, cover design templates, promotion and advertisement. And with a recognised ISBN number, your work will be distributed and available to purchase on a global market.

2. No time constraints

If it’s your first time writing a novel, it might not be time to quit your day job in the hope to reap a full-time income before it’s published. Therefore, you might only spend your spare evenings and weekends writing so you can sustain your income and take a more flexible approach to your writing.

Deciding to self-publish your work will ease any pressure or time constraints you imagine when working with a traditional publisher, allowing you to enjoy your writing without any additional pressure.

3. Versatile publishing packages

Self-publishing is also perfect for first-time authors who are looking to get their work out there, without the mindset of wanting to become the world’s next bestseller.

With our versatile publishing packages at New Generation Publishing, you can choose the perfect package to suit your needs as an author - whether you have big or small ambitions!

We give you a no-fuss approach to getting your brilliant work into the hands of a global audience, but we also welcome writers you wish to just own and treasure a physical copy of their own book (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!).

4. Guaranteed acceptance

Traditional publishers are often reluctant to take a chance on a new author. With self-publishing, no matter what you wish to publish, you can get your work out there to an audience no matter how big or small it may be!

You do not need to go through pitch after pitch or rejection letter after rejection letter. You can focus instead on your work and know that once it has been published, you’ll be recognised on the global e-book and ecommerce market.

5. A good way to get noticed

In such a diluted market, getting noticed by a big-name traditional publisher can seem like an impossible task.

So, if you’re looking to prove to bigger publishing companies that your work can sell to its target audience, start by self-publishing so you can pack a punch with your next novel pitch!

Wrapping up

Self-publishing is perfect for first-time authors, allowing you to remain your own boss, and get your work out there without worrying about budgets or endless red tape.

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