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ALIEN REFORMATION by Michael O'Dwyer is published by New Generation Publishing

10 September 2012

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In the year 2954 A.D., one of their hybrids travels across the globe with a selection of comrades to assemble seven pieces of a dissimilated being contained within the segments of an Alien craft. If successful, it will set him on the path to world domination and eventual confrontation with his Creator's nemesis. During these global travels for this Alien artefact, this unlikely hero from a totalitarian state whose despotic ruler has similar designs to his own will encounter a host of bizarre Nations and adversaries whom he must overcome for the first stage of the Alien plan to succeed. Book Two is called Hybrid Ascendancy and Book Three, Alien Vindication.


About the Author:

Michael O'Dwyer lives in Limerick City in Ireland.


Excerpt from the book:

"What did become of the remnants of those who had escaped from the fate envisioned on them by the Entity. Once, long before it had sought them out again, every individual of that learned race knew what another compatriot experienced. There had been a great sharing of minds, thoughts and ideas. As the EGO crept into their psyches, individual personalities developed and they began to keep knowledge and secrets from each other. An enforced hierarchy developed and the feeling of individuality increased as the oneness of the former commune evaporated into the globes of history. The survivors of this transposed and much altered race fled their Home Worlds and their older cooler red dwarf Sun and travelled through the frozen wastes of space to newer Galaxies with warmer gaseous Stars.

It was during this flight that they became known as the Exiles (Or in their own tongue, the ALASTHA'I.). Their tryst with the EGO had changed them forever and far from its wrath they planned a revenge on it. The former tranquil race had made a vow to their abandoned Queen that they her beloved offspring would explore every method possible to free her and to return home to their precious Worlds; even if it meant using the very tools of their destroyer. Finally some of them accepted this "Great Paradox". These few individuals understood that the only way to counter what they designated as the "INIQUITY." was in fact for their peaceful race to embrace and surpass the belligerence of the Entity. These altered Beings were no longer quite what they had been before their unwitting encounter with the EGO and so something unique and wonderful had been lost forever to the Universe. This malicious detriment was a Cosmic event as similar in magnitude to a Star blinking out of existence and it was no less profound in the overall scheme of Creation."


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