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Great review of 'No Margin For Error' by Victoria Barnes

15 October 2012

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Liam Flood has created a clear sense of time and place for the reader. The plot unfolds when a powerful organisation recruits the assassin Kelly, its aim is to strike fear in to the Western world through a strategic campaign to remove key political figures and world leaders, and the reader is drawn in to an international chase. The use of well known locations around the world allow the reader to trace the cross continental story from London, to the USA, Dubai, France and beyond. Flood effectively uses narrative combined with a detailed dialogue which puts the reader at the centre of the action. He builds the tension throughout the book, and the drama intensifies following the first assassination, Lyons once again finds himself on the trail of the elusive character of Kelly, "In the Gulf, the Bahraini had just finished his dawn prayers. He switched his TV to Al Jazeera...The news was all about the previous nights murder...he allowed himself a small smile of congratulation and gave a deep sigh of satisfaction -its started he thought".

The reader is propelled through the chapters as the global action unfolds, as further assassinations occur around the world, the anti terrorist task force seem powerless to stop them, however, Lyons suspects the same assassin,

"Although he was three and a half thousand miles away from D.C something made him almost certain he was looking for the same killer. Too many similarities, two gunshots to the head, silenced weapon, no trace of his killer, hotel computer systems expertly hacked".

Flood has skilfully interwoven the themes of migration, cultural identity, politics and companionship in to this novel. The two main characters are both individualistic by necessity; however they make significant connections with other characters in the novel, both Lyons and Kelly find companionship with the female characters of Wendy and Katya respectively who provide a foil to their personalities. This is an electrifying novel in which the action comes alive in the reader's imagination.

Book review by: Victoria Barnes B.A.Hons, H.Dip.

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