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Book Printing vs. Digital E-books

9 December 2013

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We’re currently in a digital age that encompasses a large part of our lives now and has slowly taken over, replaced or running parallel to the tasks we do on a daily basis, or the hobbies that we do in our spare time. The same can be said of reading and the publishing industry, due to a number of variables including internet and broadband saturation for accessing online content, the development of affordable devices such as E-readers and tablets and the comparative cost of technologies compared to other sources.


The cost of creating and distributing digital versions of books is one of the deciding factors for authors, publishing houses and the consumers. Digital methods eliminate the need for any form of book printing, the costs of the materials, moving and bringing together the component such as the paper, the hardback cover, the print as well as other factors such as the carbon footprint for distribution is eliminated by digital copies which is in essence has no hard copy, and is made up of bytes that is sent over the internet.

Ease of Access

The idea of going into a book shop, picking up, holding and smelling a new book is one of the biggest benefits of purchasing printed books. Great ideas for Christmas presents or gifts, a hardback or paper back printed copy is something that won’t disappear any time soon. On the other hand, if you had made a special trip to your favourite bookshop the costs and time of getting there could be a drawback. If a hardback book has been ordered online this can also take some time to reach your front door

Online purchases

Digital versions of books are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, whether from a computer of dedicated device such as an E-reader such as a Kindle, or tablets such as an iPad there are portals available to find a desired book title or browse virtually.

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