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Writing a Book? Advice on Publishing Ideas

17 December 2013

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New Generation Publishing have aided new authors get published for a number of years but we’ve found that a lot of people have hesitated in the past because of the idea that publishing a book seems a little too daunting. The rise of the self publishing industry was in part due to the difficulty of getting a book published with a traditional publisher, where publishing houses were likely to reject an author-not on their writing quality but more on the financial return the book was likely to receive.

Don’t Be Put Off by Rejection Letters

If you’ve completed your book and have attempted to pitch publishers, don’t be phased by the responses you’re getting, as it is often hard for companies to take a chance on a new author. Alternatively if you’re just about to write your first novel and are concerned that it may not be popular, fit into traditional genre conventions or receive a huge amount attention, there are great opportunities for niche authors to channel a global market. Just follow through with any ideas you may have as self-publishing gives rise to these opportunities.

Deciding Your Marketing Channels & Design

With full creative control over your intended piece of work, New Generation offer only advice and support for what they will believe is the best for your book, ultimately the decision is down to you the author. The design of the cover and format can be an exciting time and creating a buzz for your new book with marketing channels can also be a fun and enjoyable part of the process.

Full Control over Distribution

New Generation understand the need and desire for authors to have full control over their work. We can suggest to you the best channels for distribution based on your budget and goals. From e-publishing channelling the e-reader part of the market, or distribution through independent bookshops, larger chains and libraries which can be approached by our representatives with many years of experience through our bookseller service packages.

Self-Publishing is a Great Stepping Stone

If you have reached the level of being a self-published author, of one or multiple books an agreement with a traditional publishing house is sometimes desirable. Self-publishing is an excellent route to getting your book published initially, it also gives yourself better credibility when approaching publishers. Demonstrating that you have a good readership and sales figures can often be the values that may potentially win a publishing deal if this was a direction you wanted to go into.

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