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The Importance of Getting Your Book Proofread

23 December 2013

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When you’ve finally reached your milestone of finally completing the book and title you’ve been working on for years, you may think of getting your book self-published or approaching an independent publisher. Before you do that, it’s recommended that you get your manuscript or digital copy checked by a professional editor or proof reader.

There are a number of proofreading services available online, dependant on your intentions it may be better to use the services that some self-publishing companies offer, New Generation provide book proofreading and editing services for manuscripts.

Why Proofread?

Although you may be confident that your new creation is perfect and without flaws, having a third party that can objectively read your work can bring out a lot of themes or styles that you may not have been aware of, which may involve factors such as:


  • Inconsistencies
  • Redundant Sentences/words
  • Paragraph & Sentence Structure
  • Repetition
  • Clarification


This quality control measure is necessary for any author at any level, whether a newly published independent author or a veteran. As you may have written your book to appeal to a wider audience, it’s important to identify any themes or patterns that readers may pick up. Using family members or friends to edit your work may be a biased perspective as it may be hard for close friends to identify errors.

Creating a Good Impression

Apart from the reasons to proof read your title for a perfect polished piece, it’s important to consider the other factors involved with creating an edited book. If you’re choosing the traditional publishing root of pitching to publishing houses, correcting small grammatical errors or removing redundant sentences can often be the small factors that can ruin a chance for some authors, often suggesting to the publisher that a high level of authorship or great care of attention has not been considered.

This can also be shared within the self-publishing industry, although not winning over the publisher for a publishing deal the impact could potentially be as great. For your first titles it should be essential as new people coming across your book can potentially be future purchasers for later books. Even small factors such as star and review ratings could be impacted by seemingly small errors, possibly even word of mouth and suggestions from people that have read your book may be limited.

Proofreading services should be considered when you have a completed manuscript, although small errors can often be missed by the average reader the investment in getting your book 100% perfect from the start is recommended. For further queries, contact New Generation Publishing on 0207 300 7370 for information on editing and proof-reading packages.

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