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What Makes New Generation Publishing Different?

20 January 2014

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Amongst the large the number of self-publishing companies on the market at the moment, it’s often hard to know who the best company is to go for when seeking advice for as a new author. Although it may be an often cliché statement that you may see from any company is that we care about our authors. A lot of competitors in our market are solely focused on making money without having a client centred approach to business, suggesting packages or services that may not be the best thing for the author. Being a UK based company we are always here for a visit, or at the end of telephone, unlike some companies that are based abroad or hidden being email addresses.

Doing what is Right for You

Here at New Generation Publishing we understand that a bells and whistles package may not be for all authors. We suggest to our clients the best solutions for distribution and marketing based on their goals, aspirations and needs. Whether you want to simply have your book published, after a lifelong dream, or you just want to sell your title digitally.

Honesty is the Best Approach

We believe that being honest with our authors is paramount in creating lasting relationships, if we feel that a particular method or solution may suit your needs we will suggest our reasons why with facts and rationale. If we feel that a strategy may not work for you based on our industry experience we would suggest a better solution for you.

Long Term Relationships

We strive to help any of our author’s progress from the start of the process and throughout the marketing process of your title. We have built some great relationships with authors which is often the reason why it’s common for authors to return to us when publishing a second or third book. We have an interest in helping, listening, hearing news and the help and advice is free, or the price of a telephone call. For more information about why New Generation Publishing may be the ideal companiy for you click or contact us on 0207 300 7370 to have a chat with us. 

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