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Caroline Coxon Self-Published Author at Recent Book Signing

11 December 2014

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One of New Generation’s self published writers, and the author of ‘Of Night and Light’ has recently taken part in a book signing for her debut novel in Uckfield, author Caroline Coxon has recently been signing books in the Sussex Stationers & W H Smiths and selling dozens of books in the process, more information about her recent book signing can be found here.

Caroline worked as a teacher, but now dedicates her time to being a full-time copywriter, editor and writer. Her book was originally written as a screenplay, but had rewritten the work as a novel aimed at the teenage, 13 years and up market, but has received positive reviews and comments back from adults.

Her book is written from the point of view of a fourteen-year-old girl, who is uprooted from civilised Notting Hill to her mum's ramshackle family home in deepest Somerset, she hates everything about it.

But soon, weird druidic rituals, an unexplained death, Rosa's mind works overtime. Maybe she's imagining all the strange goings-on around her, the shifting between legend and reality, truth and lies, this world and another.

For information about the book can be found on the book website or on our New Generation bookstore portal, Of Night and Light.

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