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New Years Resolution - Become a Writer

23 December 2014

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More many people out there, the new year symbolises a great number of things, it makes us reassess the year we’ve had, as well as inspiring us to set goals going into 2015. We think about what we have failed to do in the past twelve months that has always been niggling at the back of the mind and think about how we can get things on track for the year ahead. 

Write a Book

You may have always toyed with the idea, but now is the time to start putting pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard. Realistically you are not going to be able to write a book in a week, so set realistic goals and before you know if you will have a first draft – getting into the spirit of things at the beginning of the year is an excellent excuse to get started on something new with no more procrastination.

Get it Published

If on the other hand you have a book already written, now is a good time to get in proofread and ready for publishing, a majority of the hard work has already been taken care of with the writing of the book, now it’s a matter of getting it out there for people to see.

Why not contact us if you want to go into the New Year running, we can offer advice as well as marketing and proofreading services for your title, as well as giving industry advice that some of our own authors have adopted.

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