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From Health to Science Fiction, Self-Publishing is Ideal for All Genres

3 April 2014

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If you’re a budding author, it’s important to write for the genre that you feel most comfortable with - whether you have had life experience with regards to the sector of your career, or have always been a lifelong reader of a particular genre, writers no longer have to fear that the genre they’re writing for may be small or niche.

Health Book Publication

We have had previous success at New Generation Publishing with authors created and self-publishing their own health advice books. You may be a retired healthcare professional wanting to talk about case studies you’ve worked on, or a fitness instructor wanting to pass on healthy tips and dieting advice that you have found have worked well in your career, there is someone out there that will take interest in your book.

Niche Genres

The great benefit of the current infrastructure of the publishing market, there are many different avenues to help promote a book and distribute. Making e-version or an eBook copy of your book can make your book assessable to a worldwide market through sources such as Google and Amazon book searches, a relatively small niche genre can have wide exposure, if you’re desire is to write for a diet fad, a subsection of science fiction or a popular more competitive genre of book self-publishing methods can help benefit.

For further information and examples of previous books that we have helped self publish refer to our bookstore page.

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