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Self Published Author Case Studies from New Generation

14 March 2014

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Our latest post is to introduce you to some of our recent self-published authors, with a broad range of backgrounds and specialisms; we wanted to demonstrate how no matter your education or background there is potentially a book inside of you, no matter your preferred genre or style of writing, self-publishing can be work for you.

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Gerad Kite has recently published a book, The Art of Baby Making, a practical guide to re-calibrating your systems to create the ideal conditions for a new life. Gerad is a fertility expert and acupuncture specialist who provides paperback and Amazon Kindle options as well as an Apple iBook version of his book. He has recently appeared on breakfast television in Ireland promoting his book, as well as appearing in many publications such as The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph and Elle.

Christine Coltman has very recently published her novel, Isabel Hope a tale of danger and romance set in nineteenth century England. Christine is currently using aspects like social media such as Facebook to promote her book, to raise awareness and create a buzz over her recent release. Christine is also using sources such as Amazon to sell both hardback copies and paperback versions of her book, as well as using our online bookshop to promote and distribute her book. Christine has a background in advertising and an MA Hons in English Literature.

Margaret Barnes is a retired barrister, which is one of the main sources of inspiration for the genre that she writes for falling under crime, courtroom drama and legal thriller. During retirement she studied an MA in Creative Writing, where she was motivated to write crime novels. Her book Crucial Evidence, offers a revealing insight into the criminal justice system, using her experience of more than 25 years working with high profile crime cases. Margaret distributes her book using Amazon, providing copies in paperback form and as a digital Kindle version for e-readers.

New Generation Publishing have worked with a number of authors, we’ve learnt that no matter what your background may be in you can still create a great book, drawing on your life experiences can also help in deciding a theme or genre to focus on that you feel more comfortable in writing. Contact us today for more information, or browse our authors in the media page for further case studies.

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