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Self-Publishing for Teenage Writers & Young Adults

11 February 2014

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Getting a book published by a traditional publishing house as a young adult or teenager is an achievement, but this is very rare given the experience of a lot of authors and the potential risk to the publisher to take on someone young and quite often under experienced.

The self-publishing industry has given rise to a number of young adults that may have previously gone unnoticed or unsigned in a traditional publishing landscape. This is fantastic if you really have something to say or a story to tell. Self-publishing success stories has seen teenagers from 
a broad range of backgrounds get published, even on of our own authors, Gollancz Caltabiano.

A Great Testing Ground

If you want to self-publish a title and are currently in full time education, it can often be hard to find the time to dedicate to your book. Self-publishing can be a great project and education for students, given further experience about the industry and the readers out there. If the results are that no-one out there likes your work, you still have your education. On the other hand if you are recognised it could generate you a little extra pocket money and industry experience that could help in a traditional publishing deal further down the line.

For some authors, self-publish options are a viable and practical solution and for teen authors it’s a great way to be heard. It often helps having a younger set of eyes when it comes to marketing a book as we’ve found that teen authors are sometimes a little for tech savvy for things such as internet advertising, social media and have a good understanding of what issues and themes that children in their age group may enjoy.

Cost - Cheaper than the Latest Consoles

The cost of getting a book initially published can be a relatively affordable cost for students or young adults with an income, some of New Generation Publishing’s packages can be cheaper than a new games console, tablet computer or first car that are popular with teenagers, maybe this could be an option for a birthday present or Christmas gift. If you are a teen or young adult and are really passionate about writing and the industry feel free to contact us if you would like to talk about your options in more details or view our teen publishing page.

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