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Get Your Title Displayed through IPR License

21 September 2015

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New Generation Publishing has recently increased its partnership with IPR License, one of the World’s largest licensing platforms.

One of the unique parts of self publishing that makes it popular with so many authors, and one of the key advantages of the industry is that authors retain the publishing rights to their books. By offering our authors the chance to have their titles channelled via IPR License we are significantly increasing their chances of the publishing rights being purchased in the global rights market.

Any author who purchases a Publishing Package with NGP this September will have their published book displayed through IPR License at no extra cost.

Our new partnership offers a channel and platform on which authors can showcase their writing to traditional publishers and agents around the world. This will help authors make money from licensing works in different languages, countries and formats.

New Generation Publishing is constantly looking at new and unique ways to ensure our authors can utilise the lucrative rights licensing marketplace. The service also offers authors the opportunity to see their work promoted in global campaigns to over 50,000 publishers in over 90 countries and access to world book fairs through IPR License's partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair.

By joining IPR License, authors with New Generation Publishing are giving themselves that extra chance to find a traditional publisher - whether locally or internationally - and to fully exploit the potential of their creative work.

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