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Granny Ann : Blogger Extraordinaire

11 July 2016

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You may remember some time ago, we featured Author Ann Richardson and her book 'Celebrating Grandmothers' which we published back in 2014.

Her book collates the feelings and experiences of 27 women who shared their enjoyment of all that being a grandmother has to offer. While it may be a challenging time of anyone's life, particularly for those who have only just managed to encourage their own children to leave the nest, it's nevertheless a rewarding role, and is often met with a sense of privelege and wonder.

Since Ann's book launch, her quest for publicity and relentless marketing hasn't faltered. Her website has become her main e-business card when talking about her writing, and forms a hub of information and ideas for anyone who may be interested in the book (and for indie authors who may need some inspiration for their own marketing!).

With her social media presence on Facebook and Twitter remaining active, Ann continues to engage potential readers with anecdotes and updates, sharing helpful links for tips and resources for publishing and of course the occasional link to her work. Of course with billions of pages on the internet to choose from, having your name and weblink on as many of those as possible will increase your chances of being seen, so Ann has been guest blogging to help keep her marketing momentum.

Books By Women is a blog site dedicated to the fairer sex and while highlighting an apparent divide between the sexes within the publishing industry, it does offer insightful guest interviews and writing tips, including Ann's contribution:

There are reams to be written about being a grandmother. There are the very happy grandmothers, full of joy at the new children in their lives and the new sense of love and excitement watching them progress. They may be eager to spend time playing on the floor with toddlers, going to the park with children or talking to teenagers about thoughts of concern to them. There are the less happy ones, separated from their grandchildren by sheer distance or difficult family relationships. Some love visiting their children and taking part in their lives – and those of their grandchildren, of course – for a week here or there. Some do not cherish the prospect because the marriage of their son or daughter is unsettled and they do not want to spend time in the middle of quarrels. 


You can read the full post here

Wisdom & Innocence has also been graced with some of Grandma's very own wisdom, although we can't vouch for her innocence! 

I was completely overtaken by the emotions engendered by that first grandchild and the second, a cousin, who followed three years later. During that period, being a writer, I decided it would be the perfect focus of a book and I set to work to write it. Celebrating Grandmothers is the result, a compendium of thoughts of a range of different women about the many aspects of being a grandmother.

You can read the full post here

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Ann is a fine role model for any author who craves for success. Her drive, determination and 'can do' attitude help her sales and her contributions have been helping her stand out from the rest. 

Why not get your thoughts and experiences down on paper? We have publishing packages from £399 and offer great support throughout your journey and are always happy to share your successes - just like Ann's.

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