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27 June 2016

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It's been one of the hottest debates in the last 50 years for UK residents, and it's showing no signs of going away either. The referendum on June 23rd gave voters in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales the opportunity to decide whether Britain would be stronger outside of the European Union (EU). The EU, formerly the European Economic Community is a regional organisation aiming to bring "economic integration" to it's members who are all countries within Europe. Britain joined in 1973 and to the surprise of many Brits and world leaders, voted to leave the EU last week. What this means is unclear and facts surrouding the future of the UK's economy are scarce. There is much speculation on how the departure will affect trading deals with other nations and of course our own pockets will no doubt feel the impact of any changes to the way we import and export.

The news and media continue to follow our country's rocky exit with speculation over who will replace David Cameron after his heartfelt resignation on the morning after the poll. Will Boris Johnson become the face of UK politics? What will happen to Jeremy Corbyn and his promises to redistribute the £350m membership fee to the NHS?  

Of course, there have been many political books published around times of political instability, elections and referendums including Iain Watson's 'Five Million Conversations' documenting the Labour party's 'ground war' in the last election. Joe Pike's well-sourced 'Project Fear' covers Scottish politics and the independence referendum campaign which explores the anti-austerity claims of the SNP. Another interesting character in British politics, Nigel Farage has been the subject of Owen Bennett's book 'Following Farage' as his resignation was handed in, and then swiftly redacted following a defeat in Thanet South last year.

The Conservatives aren't immune from critique either and 'Cameron at 10' by former Wellington School headmaster Anthony Seldon and Peter Snowdon offer a scoop on the 5 years building up to Cameron's election. Another, more frivolous look at Cameron's breakup with Michael Ashcroft can be found in 'Call Me Dave', a satirical extension of a single phonecall between the two and doesn't stop at the facts either.


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