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How Can New Generation Publishing Help You?

5 October 2015

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What do New Generation Publishing Do?

New Generation Publishing is one of the UK’s market-leading self-publishing companies. They provide writers with everything they need to become a fully published author and help them to make money from their work by offering marketing services. New Generation Publishing offers a print-on-demand publishing service to writers, and also uses its connections with its parent company, Legend Press, to deliver a bridge between self-publishing and traditional publishing. If you’re wondering what print on demand is, it enables the book(s) to be printed one at a time, ‘on demand’. This allows for saving costs and waste, plus it also means changed can be made to your book at any time.


Why Self Publish?

There are many reasons to choose the self-publishing route if you are an author, below are just some of the reasons why you should self publish with New Generation Publishing:


Control – Self-publishing gives authors greater control over the entire process from manuscript and cover design to distribution. This is often not available when you go through a traditional publisher so take advantage of deciding what your book looks like, how it is edited and how it is marketed.

Personal Support – During the production, you will receive personalised support and help from New Generation Publishing. Authors can benefit from good communication at all times with staff willing to help on any issue.

Retain rights – As the author, you will retain all rights to your book.

A quick and worthy investment – A good self publisher will turn your manuscript into a high quality book that will increase your chance of making money. They will also ensure this is done within the minimum time and made available at major retailers worldwide.


New Generation Publishing – Types of Authors

There are many different types of authors including those that write because they want to make a career out of it, or those that write simply to get the book published. Perhaps a writer wishes to publish a book to share with friends and family, maybe a family tree or a life story? Or maybe they wish to write for a specialised niche, perhaps just for business or medical purposes? Some wish to publish a book with New Generation Publishing purely for legacy, so family and friends can buy the book now and in years to come. Whichever type of author you are, your book will soon be a reality.


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