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How the pandemic has changed reading for good

13 July 2021

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As a nation, we’ve spent more time than ever before in our own homes over the past year or so, which has seen many of us take a closer look at what is and isn’t so important. Self-care has increased throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as a result, as people dedicate more time to what they love.

Reading books is a great love in many people’s lives, but how did the pandemic alter how we take in our favourite titles? And, as we move out of lockdown, how might our reading lives change?


Changing circumstances and schedules meant more time to read

Many individuals had to change their schedules dramatically due to the pandemic. With most people working from home due to changing circumstances and lockdown restrictions, our work and home lives intertwined like never before, which meant we had to make extra effort to separate the personal from the professional.

With a solid, home based schedule, and zero need for that dreaded commute, the vast majority of book lovers could dedicate more time to their favourite pastimes. Those furloughed also had more free time to play with. Team this with the fact that our social lives and leisure activities were also put on hold, and it’s safe to say that people had more time than ever to read.


A return to normality doesn’t mean neglecting your reading list

As we enter a new post lockdown world, it’s only a matter of time before our schedules return to their super busy, pre-pandemic best. Yet, taking something positive from lockdown into our new normal is what everyone should aim to do.

Making more time for yourself and the things you love to do is lockdown lesson number 1, so don’t neglect that reading list! Make time for reading – you could even take your book to the pub or on your daily commute. Use audiobooks to enjoy reading in a whole different, often more convenient way, or try shorter titles to get your fix. Read before bed and establish the perfect wind-down routine at the same time. 

You could even make the most of easing restrictions to attend a literary festival or start a book club with friends.


Now is the perfect time to publish a book!

With the nation reading more, they’ll need more books to indulge their literary love. Whether you’re sitting on a great idea or have just penned the first draft of your manuscript, our self-publishing service is well worth exploring.

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