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How choosing the right illustrations can help your book to sell

9 June 2021

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Self-publishing is fast becoming THE way to realise those dreams of becoming an author. With the author firmly in control, there’s freedom that you just don’t get with traditional publishing houses, not to mention the opportunity to earn higher royalties.

In addition to giving you the power to have a lead role in the writing, editing and marketing of your book, you’ll make those key decisions when choosing the artwork for your book too. But why is artwork so integral to the process? And could the right illustrations even help you sell more copies? In this blog post, we answer those all-important questions…


Why are illustrations important?

They say ‘a picture says a thousand words’, and this couldn’t be truer when discussing the importance of illustrations. Whilst the words that have been carefully penned and edited are vital to your success as a self-published author, the illustrations on the front cover of and throughout your book have an essential part to play.

Illustrations provide you with a powerful way to enhance the reader’s understanding of the story and even make the story itself more memorable. Thanks to illustrations, a reader will be better placed to identify key themes within the narrative. The correct text to image ratio also breaks the story into more digestible chunks.

The aesthetic value of your book will be higher too, with illustrations able to attract the attention of potential readers.


Is my book suitable for illustration?

Not every book benefits from illustration. Children’s picture books are of course the obvious choice for the creation and placement of illustrations, but this isn’t the only genre that can reap the rewards mentioned above.

Do-it-yourself, self-help, cook, historic and healthcare books are all great candidates for our illustration service.


Where can I find the right illustrations?

You don’t have to search very far for bespoke illustrations! Here at New Generation Publishing, we provide a complete, professional illustration service as part of our editorial offering. Our illustration team has experience creating tailor-made illustrations for books from multiple genres.

Our illustration service is fully flexible and gives you all you need to secure the very best illustrations for your title. As part of our illustration service, you’ll also own the full rights to your artwork.

Discover more about our illustration service here or contact us direct to discuss your options.


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