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Is Self-Publishing for Me?

29 January 2014

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Although the self-publishing industry has a lot of benefits, we understand that it may not suit a lot of authors. Dependant on the type of author that you intend to be could impact what the best channel is for you.

Stepping Stone

As a self-publishing company, we are in reality competing with traditional publishing houses, we do understand the value of working alongside these larger companies or the desire to have a book, that would eventually be published by a publication house.

Using independent publishing ideas and methods is a great education and can be fun, using methods of distribution and marketing can provide a good taste on a smaller scale to traditional houses, it would also help in given you a more in depth understanding of other channels and can often give you the understanding of the market, yielding quality information such as feedback from readers that could help to implement or remove themes that have been commented on.

Author Types

Here at New Generation we see a wide range of authors that decide to self-publish for many different reasons, dependent on what type of author you aspire to be may also be a good indication of whether self-publishing is for you, but we have seen positive results in many niches and genres.

Career Authors -If writing is your world and it’s something that you’re very passionate about, self-publishing can give an excellent taster of the industry. Many of our authors from this category have often received rejection letters from traditional publishing houses, and due to the high risk of these ventures publishers tend to go with books that stand a better chance of a return, or from an author with previous positive results. Starting out within the independent publishing sector can help get an author recognised, which could potentially have an impact on the publishers decision on your work in the future.

Niche Authors - Often due to the themes and genres written about in these types of titles, niche authors can appeal to a smaller group of people on a global scale, a traditional publishing house is unlikely to work out a deal with these types of authors due to the high risk investment. Self-publishing may be a much better solution for these types of authors, that could potentially be more beneficial for these types of novels.

Legacy Authors - Maybe a lifelong dream, or a story that you just wanted to publish, self-publishing is an affordable option for legacy authors. The need to pitch traditional publishing houses is unnecessary unless you intend to sell to the wider population. Our legacy authors are quite contented with having their book searchable, or having a few copies printed for family and friends.

If you’re unsure of whether self-publishing is truly for you, contact us on 0207 300 7370 and we’ll be happy to discuss options in more detail, although this sector of the industry is valuable to a lot of authors and can have a few drawbacks, traditional publishing deals can have it’s positive and negative points also.

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