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Affordable Publishing Packages to Suit You

10 January 2014

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If you’re considering self-publishing a title, it’s important to consider what kind of commitment that you want to dedicate toward your dream beforehand. We understand that working a typical day job and raising a family is a big factor for some authors. The weekend and a handful of stolen hours in the week is sometimes all that some people can afford. This isn’t a problem, but having full time availability can often speed up the process in some areas, and will only aid the marketing solutions that we can offer.


Budget Option

Our standard package includes the essentials to aid in publishing a book, including the formatting of the book from a Word document to a typographical layout which is essential an essential requirement, ensuring a top quality book appearance. A book cover design is created from a list of templates provided by use, unless you have your own design that you would prefer to transfer for the book cover. A unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which is a necessity for the selling of book. We will then ensure that your book is made available to book retailers both on the high street and available from online outlets. This option is usually popular with people experienced in marketing, or has the time to carry out their own marketing ideas.


The Full Package

At the higher end of our package spectrum, is our Bookseller Self Publish Package, which incorporates more marketing and promotional solutions to help aid enhancing your books brand. Ideal if you’re not sure of how to market the title yourself. It includes the basic essentials outlined above with more features. Additionally the package included a bespoke cover design – which is great if you have some ideas in mind that you would prefer to incorporate into the design. A professionally written press release will be provided, which is distributed to a wide network of media outlets. Additional advertising on related forums and your book will feature for one month with an independent bookseller who will aid in the promotion of your book to bookshop within the UK.

For more information about our particular packages available click here. The great benefit of our packages is that they can appeal to a wide range of people, from the weekend authors who have dreamt about getting their book published - through to the individual wanting to shout from the roof tops about their new release and carry on a marketing project for themselves.

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