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Marketing Your New Title

8 September 2015

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As technology advances, there are plenty of opportunities for new authors to find different ways of being successful and with the growth of self publishing a book, it’s never been easier. Choosing to self publish has proven extremely popular in the past decade, perhaps because it is much more appealing and affordable than going through a mainstream publishing house. Whilst there is the chance to become a bestseller and become a household name, the traditional publisher will take the book on and publish it for you, with little or no manoeuvre. There’s also the risk that it could take years to submit your work or you could face rejection altogether. When you decide that self publishing a book is for you, it is in your control and the public can decide what they think about it, rather than the publisher deciding it’s no good for them.

Marketing your Book

If you want to sell your book, and sell plenty of copies, you will need a good marketing strategy, especially if you’re a complete newbie. Spreading the word through friends and family is fine but there will come a point when you’ll need to target further afield. It is important to consider your marketing plan and any promotional ideas before you think about self publishing a book. New developments in social media have made marketing much easier for individuals however it does take time and perseverance. Email marketing and blogging is a great way of getting people interested in your book and you as an author but to get your book out there it is advised to do some networking at book festivals, conferences, writing courses and readings where there are bound to be people interested in new books. Contacting your local media is a good place to start if you want to contact the press. If you can try and give a hook to hang the news of your book release on; perhaps there’s something topical in the news or something relevant to an upcoming event.

Things You Must Decide for the Process Begins

Before your manuscript can be converted into PDF and typsetted to book size ready to print or be made available as an e-book worldwide, there are some important considerations to make:

• You need to decide on a goal. Why have you written this book in the first place? Is it to sell lots of copies and make a lot of money? Or is it for family and friends? This will determine what option is best for you.

• Creating a unique title is key; don’t choose one that somebody else has or similar. If you search for it and it’s already been taken, you need a rethink!

• Give your book an attractive and professional design. See what other books within your genre look like? Do they have something in common? Make your book fit in yet stand out from the crowd.

• Get your book professionally edited. Take any advice and criticism on board and ask friends and family to read it too.

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