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NGP Author Book Re-Release for VE Day Celebrations

7 May 2015

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This coming Friday marks 70 years since the end of World War II, in memory of this one of NGP’s authors, 82-year-old John Phipps has re-published a book of his wartime experiences.

Living Through a War, is a true story through the eyes of a young boy throughout the outbreak of WWII, with recounts of experiences encountered throughout his childhood growing up in wartime Britain living with the constant threat of bombing and evacuation. The book shows a view of war from a child’s perspective.

This book is a great read and gives a great insight to living throughout wartime Britain for younger generations as well as those who lived through it also, an excellent way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

John reflects on his experiences and mentions, “My most vivid memory of living in Greenford was when the very first V1 or Doodlebug came over and landed not far from our house in Ravenor Park Road”

There are also mentions of the stories after the war, including stories detailing the atmosphere of the VE Day celebrations 70 years ago. Living Through a War is set to be re-released to coincide with VE Day of 2015, which is an excellent read for anyone wanting to read up on the events of the period, with real-life stories and perspective from a South Harrow resident.

John hopes that his book will aid younger readers discover what happened to families during the war and give insight into the camaraderie and kindness of the people of Britain during that time, with many schools taking an interest of his book. John is an experienced writer, with a number of titles under his belt, of which are self-published, including The Malta Enigma. For more information about John and recent news publications, view the links below.

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