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Publishing a Book; Why Choose New Generation Publishing?

1 February 2013

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Publishing a book with New Generation Publishing is easy, and offers both established and aspiring writers a simple way to get their books to print. Writers tend to be creative people, who simply want others to enjoy what they have written. Self publishing is a way to cut out the middle man, and get your work into book stores, libraries and readers' hands in the shortest possible time. It's easy, cost effective, and allows writers to retain a high degree of control over their work.


Can I Make Money from Self Publishing?

While writing a book may satisfy certain creative impulses and be thoroughly enjoyable, there's no reason why you shouldn't be financially be rewarded for your efforts. It's easy to make money if you self publish a book others want to read. A relaxing hobby can quickly become a valuable income stream if you are successful, and you may even be able to make a viable career out of it. If making money is a high priority, you'll need to consider more than just the printing of your books. Bestsellers tend to receive extensive promotion in the form of interviews, PR and marketing. Self publishing companies understand that it can be difficult for an individual author to make an impression on their own. That's why some companies offer extra services to assist. The self publishing company's role has adapted from simply producing and printing the books. They now enable authors to benefit from their marketing and distribution expertise. Authors can outsource as much of the business elements of a book release as they want, freeing them to focus solely on the writing.


Other Services New Generation Publishing Can Offer

Self publishing is much easier than it used to be. Authors simply need to submit their manuscript in a Word document, and then sit back and relax. The self publishing company takes care of everything - from typesetting the text through to designing the cover. The most successful self publishing authors work in tangent with the company they choose to promote the book, making themselves available for interviews, and contacting potentially interested parties such as bloggers and the local press. This increases the exposure the book receives, and the chances of significant profits being made. The promotion of a book is now almost as important as its content. Companies like New Generation Publishing put the author in control and help them release and promote their book as effectively as possible.

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