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What Support Can Book Publishers Offer Me?

20 May 2013

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When you’re thinking of writing a book, it can be a daunting process, however, choosing a reliable and supportive book publishers is critical. You’ll no doubt be feeling a real mix of emotions when you’re putting pen to paper (or rather more likely, fingers to keyboard!) from worry that your book won’t succeed to elation that you’re finally writing that much thought about book. At New Generation Publishing, we understand that writing a book is a process that requires support from your family, friends and your book publishers!

With years of proven experience, both as a sole venture and as part of the award-winning Legend Press , we pride ourself on being able to offer authors not only the industry know-how but also a friendly ear to listen to authors’ worries. At New Generation Publishing, you’ll find a really dedicated team who are passionate about supporting authors through the whole process involved with publishing a book. We don’t consider ourself to be just any book publishers; we will always take your call and give advice and this is of course offered free of charge, however, there are numerous book publishers out there who will cash in at times when authors need some advice, support and guidance.

As book publishers, we make the same comment to all of our writers which is to “pick up the phone and ask for help, if we don’t hear from you then we only presume that everything is going perfectly”.

Additionally, to support our authors we offer a whole host of services, including book marketing services, that you will be interested in when you’re self publishing a book including a bespoke cover design, professional trade editing and competitive retail pricing.

So, if you’re looking for a book publishers who prides themselves on offering all the services that you’ll need for your book whilst also being friendly, approachable and willing to help you with your book then you need look no further than New Generation Publishing! Why not get in contact with us today?

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