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Publishing an Historical Fiction Book

5 January 2015

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They were the best of times and they were the worst of times. But what was it really like to walk down the famous cobblestone streets?

There has never been a greater demand for Historical Fiction – a recent Booker Prize Shortlist of six books contained five historical novels.

Historical Fiction offers the reader the chance to learn but perhaps more vitally to escape to a time they can't get to a particular time only possible through the book being read.

With such a demand for Historical Fiction, if you have written or are planning to write an historical novel, now is the time to publish it.

And we believe New Generation Publishing is the company to publish it with. As the UK's leading self-publishing service, we offer: 

  • Editing and Review services
  • Professional typesetting
  • Bespoke cover design
  • Paperback and hardback editions
  • Colour and B&W editions
  • Print and e-book editions, including unique library e-lending service
  • Unique ISBN and worldwide distribution
  • Press release service
  • Range of Marketing Services
  • Bookseller selling your book into bookshops

When you publish a book with New Generation Publishing, we will make your book available to a worldwide market, price your book correctly to the market, help you market and promote your book, pay you royalties for each copy sold and, most importantly of all, be on hand to help you pre publication and post publication.

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