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Spotlight: Daniela Svampa Cowie's "A Reason To Love Me"

6 June 2017

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A reason to love me

Self-published author, Daniela Svampa Cowie, began her journey in rural Italy but now lives in England with her husband and two children. She runs a successful counselling and hypnotherapy business in Bedfordshire and online internationally.  

Her novel, A Reason To Love Me, was launched recently to great acclaim, earning Daniela an interview on BBC 3 Counties Radio (click here to listen - the interview begins 2 hours and 16 minutes into the show).

A journey through the author's fascinating life, A Reason To Love Me is best summarised by Daniela herself:

"The adventures of my life haven’t always been fun but it is my life. I fought through hard times and found myself, at times, fighting battles for my very own survival. I led and pushed myself on a journey to self-innovation, thus getting in touch with my own strength and the power that I am. Through struggle I learned lessons, powerful lessons that gifted me today with the empathy and ability to guide and help others. In one country and then another, in very dissimilar ways and situations; two very different places and scenarios, both with the power to put scars on the coating of my life yet carving, shaping me into finding a level of love and acceptance of myself that is close to none other. I have found my way out of the depths.."

You can purchase A Reason To Love Me on Amazon by clicking here.


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