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The benefits of targeted market research

14 March 2022

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Market research matters across all industry sectors. Whatever the size, stage or niche of a business, market research and the findings that come to light as a result can be used to tap into new opportunities, influence decision making, enhance the success of marketing campaigns and sales strategies, and minimise business losses. But why should it matter to a would-be author or established self-published writer like you?

We offer a targeted market research service to ensure you reap all the rewards of knowing your audience better. Read on to discover the benefits of targeted market research and what you could be set to gain from our comprehensive service.


Connect with your audience

Research is the key to the success of any venture, including promoting a book. With your book written and published, there’s still lots of research to undertake.

By using targeted market research, you can get to know your target audience inside out before you begin to market your title. Your findings will influence your marketing strategy no-end, giving you the grounding needed to apply your campaign for an even better reception. 


Improve your reach

Connecting with audiences is no doubt simpler with targeted market research. Using our service, you’ll have the information and insights to market and promote your book more succinctly, catering to your target audience’s requirements directly to ensure your reach can be improved.

With targeted market research, you can work on marketing and promoting your book in specific counties and regions to guarantee a carefully crafted campaign that is designed, developed and delivered specifically for these local audiences.


Develop a track record

Creating and developing a track record as an author isn’t easy. Yet with targeted market research you can craft a professional reputation to be proud of to improve the reach of not just this book but any additional works in the pipeline. An investment in targeted market research now can really pay off in the short and long term.


Make your book a success

With a solid marketing strategy built using the findings of your targeted market research, you can shape the success of your book on a local, national and even global scale.

Our targeted market research service provides access to 100 research targets that are relevant to your demographic and location. Your contacts list will include the details of bookshops, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, libraries, and book clubs amongst other industry influencers.

We’ll also start the ball rolling with a professionally written press release and will handle review copy requests on your behalf.

For further information on our targeted market research service please click here or get in touch with us today.


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