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Dealing with writer’s block

7 February 2022

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As a condition, writer’s block certainly doesn’t discriminate. Both would-be and established authors have been struck down with this affliction, leaving them unable to proceed with the writing of their manuscripts.

Whether you’re writing something new or pursuing an idea you’ve been working on for quite some time, writer’s block can leave you stuck in the moment unable to move forward. The creative slowdown caused by writer’s block can be difficult to overcome without the right knowledge. So without further ado, we share our top tips for dealing with writer’s block once and for all!


Dig deeper into its cause

Writer’s block is so much more than a creative slowdown. The roots of your writer’s block go much deeper.

Writer’s block can be born out of the need to follow the rules that are generally associated with writing. It can even be sparked by a constant need to compare your work to others. The most common cause of writer’s block however is being worried that you’re not good enough.

By getting to the root of your writer’s block and tackling the underlying issue, you can avoid these triggers.


Give yourself a break

The biggest dilemma those dealing with writer’s block have is whether to continue to write or not. Sometimes pushing through and writing for the sake of writing is a great idea, even if what you write has absolutely nothing to do with your book or is completely devoid of your usual great structure, grammar and spelling!

As many cases of writer’s block are the result of burnout however, taking a break is a much better option. A break of a couple of hours, days or weeks will see you return to writing with a fresh perspective.


Press on with something new

Whether it’s jumping ahead to the next part of your story or going for a walk, doing something different can provide the respite you need to return with new vigour.


Change the way you write

Mixing things up doesn’t mean leaving your project behind completely. Switching up the way you work can make a huge difference. If you’re an old fashioned writer that uses pen and paper to jot those brilliant ideas down, take a more technological approach to planning.

Using visualisation instead of your usual practices can also work wonders. Create diagrams or use post-it notes to dissect your work and plan a path that enables you to push through your writer’s block.


Ask for help from a professional

If you’re struggling with writer’s block during the editing phase, let our editorial specialists help. We provide proofreading, editing, critique and free advice to support writers negotiating those final stages of becoming a self-published author.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can assist you.


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