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Getting Published in 2022

12 January 2022

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Writing a book is on many people’s hit lists but, as you’ll discover, having a great idea is just the start of your journey to becoming a published author.

As a leading self publisher who helps many would-be writers and professional authors get their titles out there, we know more than most the challenges that people face getting published. Discover our expert tips for overcoming these obstacles, and make 2022 the year you become a published author, nothing after all beats the joy of seeing your own work in print!


Summarise your story

Being able to sell your story in just a few sentences is the key to impressing agents, publishing houses and your target audience. Once you’ve completed your draft, work on penning a synopsis that sums up the story of your book succinctly.


Hone your craft

Perfecting your writing prowess is an ongoing process, and it’ll enhance the skills that’ll make not just your first book but any subsequent titles you create huge hits.

Write as much as you can to hone your craft; who knows where those short stories, essays and other works might lead! They may even be the beginnings of your next title.


Research your genre and audience

Research matters, even if you’re not busy penning a non-fiction novel. There’s lots to discover about your genre and your audience, which will stand you in good stead when editing your book and marketing your title later down the line.


Perfect your work again and again

So you’ve drafted, and edited and redrafted your book, what next? The editing phase is long and arduous but so worth it. You should take the time to perfect your work, and request feedback from not just proud family and friends but literary and publishing professionals just like us.

Our proofreading and editing services are second to none, and offer the prime opportunity for your title to be the best it can be.


Take matters into your own hands

You don’t have to bow to the will of publishing houses to get published in 2022. Self-publishing unlocks a long list of rewards for would-be authors, and is now an extremely popular way to get published.

Self-publishing allows you to take control of your book and your destiny as an author, giving you a local, national and international stage to promote your work. Here at New Generation Publishing, we offer a number of self-publishing packages so writers like you can realise your potential.



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