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Why anything goes when it comes to self-publishing

11 October 2021

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These days would-be and published authors have more options than ever. No longer do talented authors have to hedge their bets with publishing houses, change their drafts completely to satisfy industry big wigs, or relinquish a large proportion of the profits to pay commission for the privilege. You can now self-publish and enjoy more freedom.

With self-publishing, anything goes! We reveal the self-publishing plus-points you just don’t get with traditional publishing.

You have the control

One of the main benefits of self-publishing is the amount of control you get as an author. With self-publishing, you retain complete control at every stage, which means you can plan, write, edit, publish and market your book exactly the way you want to.

Whilst our self-publishing specialists are here to provide guidance and support, every critical decision is made by you, not by the publisher.

You keep the rights

Rights tend to be limited by publishing houses, which can leave authors in a rather sticky situation. When self-publishing however there are no such worries. Your book will belong to you, and as a result, you can do whatever you like with your title, without having to consider the constraints set by a publisher.

You can be as creative as you like

Creativity speaks volumes in the literary world, but publishing houses can have their own agendas and rules about how far you can ‘push the boundaries’. Self-publishing gives you the freedom to be as creative as you like with your title so the final works are exactly how you envisaged.

The creativity doesn’t have to end there either. You can be creative with the design, promotion and marketing of your book, which can help you get your book seen by your target audience. You can use the latest techniques and trends to market your book online and unlock your book’s potential on the international stage.

We’ve helped our authors tap into a global audience, with a wide range of titles published through us achieving worldwide distribution across 195 different countries.

You’ll get all the credit!

Here at New Generation Publishing, we understand that being recognised as an author is the biggest achievement of all. By self-publishing you’ll not only enjoy a higher royalty rate, you’ll boost your profile, not the profile of a faceless publishing house.

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