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The Dos and Don'ts of Self-Publishing a Book

24 January 2013

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Self-publishing a book is easier and more affordable than ever thanks to the great value packages offered by publishing companies. While success is certainly achievable, getting your book published does not guarantee it. A self-published book needs to appeal to readers and make them enthusiastic to keep reading on. The following dos and don'ts are good guidelines to follow if you want to write and publish a successful book yourself:


Do Be Realistic                                                                     

Before you start writing, think about your aims and motivations. If you are writing for pleasure, don't feel disappointed if your book doesn't become a best seller once you've finished it. If you do want to make money from it, understand the need to get the right people to read and review it, and spend time building your reputation.


Do Focus on Finishing Your First Project

If you have ambitions to take up writing as a career, publishing your first novel is a huge step. An incredibly large percentage of people who decide they want to write a book never make it to this stage. Finish your first novel before you start thinking about another. Otherwise, you will become distracted and bored with your original project, and never manage to finish a book.


Don't Imitate

It's hard, but try not to constantly compare your work with other books and authors. Enjoy writing what you want to write, and don't concern yourself with trying hard to sound professional. Writing in a way that feels comfortable will help you create a book in your own style and develop your unique voice.


Do Write for a Niche

Writing a book that appeals to a niche audience will sometimes give you the best opportunity to make a high number of sales. Your book will not be lost amongst a sea of others, and your audience will be more likely to actively seek it out.


Do Understand the Industry

Writing the book is only part of the job if you crave success. You will need to build a platform and market your book effectively. Conduct interviews, arrange book signings and try to get reviews to establish an audience.


Don't Rush Into Choosing a Self-Publishing Company

Publishing companies vary in quality, so choosing the right one will have a huge influence on your chances of success. The best ones will be able to help you market your book successfully and create a buzz about it. Self-publishing a book is a great way to achieve an ambition and, if you put the effort in, you have every chance of achieving success.

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