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Things to Consider for a Book Cover

17 June 2015

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Choosing a good book cover design may be the last thing on your list of to-do’s after editing and polishing off a finished book, the good old saying of “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” is great in sentiment and in reality most probably true, but when it comes to advertising your book in todays fast moving and visually distracted reading market, catching the attention of readers from e-book platforms, as well as in book shops may help increase book sales marginally. Below are a few tips giving you a rough guideline to stick to when doing a cover yourself or getting a professional to take care of it.

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Stand Out

If the genre that you’re writing for is extremely competitive, or otherwise littered with generally dreary book covers, using a well designed or slightly unique cover associated with your title can help your book stand out.

Are you Writing for Children? 

The use of colour and imagery is more important when creating something for children, as these are often things that can draw the attention for children, giving children something to relate to. If you are planning to write a series of books using consistent designs and characters illustrations can help contribute toward the brand, such as iconic style from illustrators Quentin Blake & Nick Sharratt

Digital Consideration

Although a digital book may not have a traditional cover, when compared to a paper or hardback book where the book design is often quite prominent when sitting on a bedside or coffee table. A digital book is stored on your device and resumed when desired. When in a digital marketplace though, when advertising a book on social media, or on web based shops a digital front page can help create an identity for your book.

Imagery, Themes & Fonts

Using symbolism to help convey the message of what the book is about can help identify at least what your book is vaguely about or at least intrigue certain readers to your title. Using other factors such as a font can also be a good think to link the symbolism and theme of your book title.

Shopping Aisle 

It may sounds like a strange similarity, but going down a supermarket aisle a customer is overloaded with bright colours and brands, some of which can make people look at a product that they hadn’t intended to. It’s the same thing with a book, using a good or interesting book design can help sell a book in a few seconds catch the attention and help draw in a potential reader.


Hire an Illustrator

There are ways that can help you source competent and accomplished illustrators for a book title, but this can often be a rather extravagant cost if you’re on a shoestring budget. If you can source a graduate graphic designer or illustrator who should be generally cheaper than more experienced designers and may be more likely and be happy for the exposure.

Additional Service from Publishers

If you are getting help with the promotion of your book title from a book publisher, or they are helping you along your journey as a self-published author, they will more than likely have solutions for you. Create Publishing provide five easy steps to design a book cover, giving a cost effective solution if on a budget, for something more tailored and personal to your title, New Generation can provide an illustration designed to suit, as well as other publishers in the industry.

Design Yourself

Software and third party websites can be used to help you make a book cover for a new title, this is probably the cheapest option and ideal if you have an artistic eye know exactly what you want. It may be a little more of a struggle for individuals with basic design or computer skills, but there are tons of free design solutions available online that can help.

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