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26 September 2013

Free Guide to Publishing


Get your free guide to publishing with expert industry advice, tips and hints.

Why does New Generation Publishing continue to offer free marketing promotional support after your book has been published?

The answer is quite simple, we want you to be successful, if you are successful then we are successful…


New Generation Publishing wants you to sell books, we want you to get reviews, we want you to get articles in the media, we want you to have book signings.


No one will deny that the marketing and promotion of a book is a difficult, no-one will deny that you can invest and have further marketing & promotional tools, and no-one can deny that New Generation Publishing will always take your call and give you advice, the best of this is you do not get sent a bill!


We make the same comment to all our authors and that is; ‘pick up the phone and ask for help, if we don’t hear from you then we only presume that everything is going well’.


Our most successful authors are those we hear from the most.


If you would like to discuss your current books, future books with someone without feeling the pressure of a hard sale, then please respond to this email, call 01908 584295 or email


Don’t forget to ask for your free publishing guide!

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