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Why do publishers price their author’s books so high?

26 September 2013

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The most common issue we are told about by authors looking for a publishing company is that self-published books retail at too high a price.


At New Generation Publishing we aim to set our books with a retail price that is in line with traditional publishing companies, we also aim to set the royalty so you the author make a good return for every book sold, the same is for our e-Books.


We are also very flexible offering all authors the opportunity to fix there books at a higher price (increased royalty) if they wish to.


Before you agree a contract with any publishing company always ask what you’re book will retail for and how much royalties you will earn, many companies hide this until it is too late.


Recent examples are 250 page books retailing for £12.99 and a royalty of less than £1, at New Generation Publishing we would retail for £7.99 and pay a much higher royalty.


New Generation Publishing is proud to announce that unlike many other companies we want to see our authors sell books!


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