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Will you ever become a published author?

26 September 2013

Free Guide to Publishing


Get your free guide to publishing with expert industry advice, tips and hints.

At New Generation Publishing we talk to authors every day and every author has a different reason to why they are writing and why they wish to become published.

 We also talk to authors every day about what prevents them from becoming a published author, the most common of these are;

  • I am not sure if my work is good enough?
  • I cannot afford one of your packages
  • I need my work editing but do not have an editor
  • Once my book is published how do I get it into shops?
  • I need help marketing once my book is published
  • I self published before and had a bad experience

New Generation Publishing has the answers to these questions;

  • We can offer you an independent critique
  • We can spread payments over a period of time
  • We can supply you with trade editors
  • We can supply you with independent book sellers
  • We will support, guide and advise you at no cost after publication
  • Tell us about your experience

 New Generation Publishing are here to offer all authors free no cost advice on all aspects of publishing, to book a call please reply to this or call 01933 665340

 We also have a new publishing guide, if you would like a copy please call or email

 New Generation Publishing, a publishers who actually cares about book sales, and offer unique services for unique authors…

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